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SALT Opportunity Study

SOS – Minimize Your Taxes
Though it doesn’t resolve your major tax issues by itself, our State and Local Tax (SALT) Opportunity Study (SOS) is a valuable tool in helping us learn more about your company and familiarizing your key executives with relevant SALT tax issues. In the course of this study, our professionals help evaluate your company's procedures, identify potential liabilities, and develop innovative tax-planning ideas to minimize your state and local tax exposure.

Our Approach
We systematically review your SALT compliance responsibilities and interview your key managers. This helps us understand your business and determine the cost-benefit ratio of registering your company in a particular state.

We use the SOS Questionnaire, which addresses the specific products or services you sell, whether those sales or taxable, how those sales are generated, and by whom. Based on the information gathered in the questionnaire, we:

  • Analyze post-solicitation activities, such as installations and training. 
  • Analyze applicable state laws to determine required compliance. 
  • Calculate potential noncompliance liabilities, in addition to possibly unnecessary reporting. 
  • Identify refund opportunities and available credits. 
  • Discuss your future sales-activity intentions. 
  • Present various planning ideas to reduce your exposure to tax liabilities or unreasonable assessments.

We present our findings either in a formal written report or during informal discussions with your key managers, depending on your preference.

The Hedberg Group, LLC is not a licensed CPA firm.

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