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SALT - Sales and Use Tax

Allow Us to Manage Your Multi-State Sales and Use Tax
With 46 states imposing separate sales and use tax laws and no federal level law establishing uniformity, sales and use tax laws are difficult to understand and apply. Increased state enforcement efforts, unlimited statute of limitations, and high volume of taxable sales indicate these taxes are an important issue. Sales and use taxes apply to every type of business in any location.

Determining Sales and Use Taxes
Sales tax is normally imposed upon the sale of tangible personal property or services and is usually the responsibility of the retailer to collect and remit.

Use tax is complimentary to sales tax, but is imposed on the purchaser upon use of an item within a taxing state. Use tax obligations occur when the retailer is not obligated to collect sales tax on the original taxable sale.

Each state has the right to impose their sales and use tax obligations on products or services as they see fit. Also, each state can impose the tax on either the seller as a privilege to conduct business or upon the purchaser as a consumption tax.

Normally, sales and use taxes are imposed upon the sale or purchase of tangible personal property or specific taxable services. However, nontraditional definitions of what constitutes tangible personal property may apply. For example, taxable items may include maintenance contracts, certain utilities, computer software, or even the rental of what is normally exempt real property.

How We Can Help

  • Audit representation 
  • Voluntary disclosure agreements 
  • Nexus reviews 
  • Due diligence reviews on buy-sell agreements 
  • Reverse sales tax audits (refund opportunities) 
  • Compliance reviews of exemptions, sales, exemption certificates, software selection, and procedures 
  • State-specific ruling requests

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