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Engineering Analysis

The Hedberg Group, LLC offers complete analytical engineering solutions to the aerospace industry. Our capabilities include linear and non-linear finite element analysis, dynamics and component modal synthesis, kinematics, fatigue, damage tolerance, and crack growth analysis, as well as basic classical aircraft stress analysis.

The Hedberg Group, LLC analysis team uses the latest software tools and technical knowledge to properly identify and evaluate all the possible environments and risks that could impact the component throughout its lifetime of operation. We specialize in commercial, military, and private aircraft primary structures, composites, interiors, landing gear, and systems, as well as engines, nacelles, struts, and all related secondary structural components.


Joint Analysis in ANSYS


  • Classical Airframe Structural Analysis
  • Finite Element Analysis - Steady State and Transient
  • Heat Transfer and Thermal Analysis
  • Advanced Analysis - Non-Linear Material, Contact, Geometric
  • Dynamic Analysis - Modal, Frequency Response, Vibration, PSD, Full Transient (Explicit)
  • Composites Analysis
  • Life Analysis (Fatigue, Crack Growth, and Damage Tolerance)
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Gearbox Analysis
  • Tolerance Analysis
  • Mass Properties Analysis


CAE Software Packages

Software Competencies

  • ANSYS & Workbench
  • Siemens FEMAP
  • HyperMesh

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